Monday, May 31, 2010

Blood Pressure Mottled Skin


Quando nei giorni scorsi leggevo della partenza dalla Turchia di un convoglio di navi cariche di 600 attivisti da oltre quaranta paesi del mondo, determinati a forzare il blocco navale messo in atto dalla marina militare israeliana e a portare aiuti umanitari alla stremata popolazione di Gaza, pensavo che l’eventuale attuazione della minaccia da parte di Tel Aviv di bloccare con la forza la piccola, pacifica flotta si sarebbe rivelato un autentico political suicide for Israel and the detonator of a potential conflict in the Middle East, with unforeseeable consequences. Things were much worse than I expected at the time of writing, a score of deaths (at least nine Turkish) and thirty injured is the result of an assault carried out by special forces in helicopters and support vessels military, all (it seems) in international waters. My impression is that this infamous move is the result of the strong nerves of Israel, put in trouble before the recent agreements between Iran, Turkey and Brazil for the exchange of uranium, and then by the recent and somewhat unexpected support given by the U.S. the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation UN, whose purpose is to eliminate the presence of nuclear weapons in the Middle East. It is believed that Israel is currently the only declared nuclear power is not in that area and who has at least 200 nuclear weapons of varying power. It is known that the latter does not admit or deny the existence of these weapons and a nuclear program that has continued for decades but, as revealed by engineer Mordechai Vanunu to the Israeli nuclear sad events which would take too long to summarize here but that is to return once again in prison after having spent eighteen years of its existence. The final blow to the ambiguity Israel has come through the disclosure of secret documents South Africans in 1975 revealing that Israel has offered to sell nuclear weapons to the apartheid regime (even with the option of three "sizes" ... different), which provides the first official documented proof of their existence.

If this scenario we want to add that Israel is moving three of its submarines with nuclear capabilities in the Persian Gulf, near Iran, the picture of the current situation is appalling, because conversely also the unfolding disaster in the Gulf , that of Mexico, are taking nothing short of apocalyptic dimensions. With all the doubts and reservations about a recent article released online quoting a report compiled by Russian scientists and presented to Putin himself, the words of the question remain: the amount of oil leaking from the damage is excessive, so that more of a leak that we could now talk of a small submarine volcano oil; someone, recalling how the disaster of the Exxon Valdez was previously considered the worst in history, points out that comes out in a number of oil equal to that of the super tanker sank in Alaska every four days, the enormous quantity of a highly toxic solvent, the Corexit 9527, used by BP (talk of at least 800,000 gallons, but I think it is a conservative estimate), is "dissolved" oil slicks on the surface while creating huge "clouds" of hydrocarbons and solvents in suspension under the sea for hundreds of feet, literally destroying everything that lives down there:

solvents and aromatic hydrocarbons are extremely volatile, are intended for use in weather patterns of rainfall that will affect the American continent, with unimaginable consequences for the humans, animals, plants, food chain, water tables are already reported in Florida ... rain containing oil, and is approaching hurricane season. And do you know what he said one of BP's oil experts who are trying without success to plug the leak? According to him, "the best thing to do" is to insert a small nuclear bomb in the well in question and detonate it to seal it!

Meanwhile, as documented in this photo released by NASA, the oil is entering the cycle of the Gulf Stream, and then we will have a nice ride in the Atlantic ...


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