Thursday, July 22, 2010

Prom Dresses Under 50 Dollars


Apprendo da Televideo che l'amministrazione Obama ha varato una legge volta a tagliare "spese inutili" per 50 miliardi di dollari da qui al 2012. Una delle voci è la cancellazione dell'acquisto del nuovo elicottero presidenziale, anche se Televideo si è ben guardato dal riferire che il velivolo in questione, il VH 71 "Marine One", faceva parte di una commessa a Finmeccanica per 23 elicotteri US101, the American variant dell'Eh 101 built by Agusta-Westland, worth about $ 7 billion. Italy thanks, perhaps to voice of that cowardly defense minister the other day announced that it has canceled the purchase of 25 Eurofighter (Always Finmeccanica) making this cut a "smart saving". It takes an immeasurable face tolla to define "smart" such a move: if a cut had to be there (and given the times we live in, you understand) was made against the contract discussed the F-35 U.S. production (although with Italian participation) which is planning to buy 131 copies well in certain versions, Air Force and Navy, for a cost of $ 11 billion (over one billion already spent). We are talking about an airplane on which it will be virtually impossible to intervene in some aspects of maintenance and operations, as the U.S. does not provide the source code of sophisticated management software. So, in addition to pay dear we can not even use it according to our needs! (It is no objection to thinking that the software can be added a little program to make the airplane literally useless in the unlikely event you decide to use it in ways you never liked or theaters of war to Uncle Sam ...) The latest demonstration of flattery and submission by a minister of a government and a country that purports to define "sovereign" but that 67 years is in all respects a U.S. colony. What a shame.


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