Monday, August 2, 2010

Why Does Alabama Use The Number 12 Helmet?

Lughnasadh, the harvest

depending on the tradition followed, for those who follow the harvest, the festival of Lugh, is celebrated between July 31 and August 2.
This is not what matters, Cycle of the Year, in the tradition I follow Celtic Welsh sull'Ynis Afallach Tuath, call the Cycle of Healing, brings to our attention in recent days.
It 's a time of harvest, a time when we thank the Great Mother, the Goddess of the one Lord of all, Potnia, for the gifts received from the land of course, but also of the heart, for the fruits ripened after so much effort, for these moments of joy that refresh the spirit and body.
E 'is also a time to take stock, to look at the past in order to engage the future, sorting seeds to think about the next job of cleaning up the land that materializes with the descent. Good Harvest


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