Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Computer Won't Recognize Flip


did not have to be equipped with amazing psychic powers to predict that the "buffalo hunters" par excellence, Paul Attivissimo, would not escape the fact the wonderful opportunity of my presence in Lugano to try to place on record a new , glorious chapter in its crusade against those who, ironically, low alloy, defines "sciachimisti" (the category from which my name out, considered simply a journalist trying to the best of its ability, skills and expertise, to obtain documents and testimony and transmit this information to the public, which will assess the consistency and its implications and will decide in conscience and freedom to accept or not). I read on his blog
the "news" of the day at the 4th International Congress sull'Ufologia Area and 40 years after landing on the moon , organized by CUSI in the person of Candida Mammoliti (thanks to its unique hospitality, great competence and a feeling decidedly out of the ordinary) stuffed in the best style Attivissimo of forcing, inaccuracies, omissions and easy ironies (as if I were amused to see me cut a quarter of an hour of time available , thus preventing me to properly investigate certain points of the my presentation, or a computer problem that prevented the operation of video or animation and laser pointer was unloading ...) but in the end, the fact remains that at the evening session devoted to debate the question and I was present, ready and willing comparison. Active, ground subsidence unlikely to boredom due to a lengthy investigation of the case by Dr. George Zanfretta Pattera, gone, avoiding conveniently (for him) what could be an interesting and enlightening debate on the issue chemtrails and possibly also the case that both Zanfretta amuses him.
I understand that even had it in mind to organize a link direct via phone with the meteorologist Giuliacci, who from his official position would have lit up the auditorium of the inconsistency issue of chemtrails, which are nothing more than normal contrails. What rotten luck! Giuliacci's intervention was not possible, which is a shame, because I wanted to at least ask him a question, just one:

"Notwithstanding that contrails are formed under certain atmospheric conditions, conditions that are known and are usually present starting from an altitude of 8,000 meters up, and explains the numerous documented cases of dense and persistent contrails made by aircraft operating at altitudes ranging between 5,000 and 3,000 meters and sometimes even lower? "

Giuliacci Together with the Decalogue, I noticed in passing on his blog a post on a dispute with Rosario Marciano (his bete noire, one might say) on some spectacular photos taken from the well known magazine American Life illustrating the heavens literally covered with condensation trails emitted by Allied fighters and bombers on the European front during the final stages of World War II. Indeed, a look very reminiscent of the many photos taken in recent years that shows our skies criss-crossed by dozens of chemtrails, and it is on this apparent equivalence Attivissimo subtly played, oblivious to dig la fossa da solo.

Il punto è questo: le foto mostrano esattamente quello che dicono, cioè scie di condensazione rilasciate da velivoli operanti ad alta quota (all’epoca i caccia e i bombardieri alleati operavano generalmente tra gli 8.000 e i 10.000 metri, per tenersi lontano dalla portata dell’artiglieria contraerea tedesca) in condizioni climatiche adeguate (nelle foto si nota neve sul terreno e sui tetti, quindi devono essere state scattate in inverno o all’inizio della primavera, quando le temperature, soprattutto in quota, sono assai basse). Sono numerosissime, dato che nel corso delle missioni di bombardamento sulla Germania, fra 1944 and 1945, were simultaneously in the sky many hundreds of aircraft (and in many cases, were thousands). They are very persistent, and this because of the powerful piston engines that drove these aircraft, engines driven at maximum performance in the flight of war, designed to provide sufficient power to the majority share as possible (see also the case with the aid of chemical additives, while if short term) but not to be "clean" means the amount of unburned oil and other particulates from the exhaust was impressive by our standards today (go and watch some films of which shows the power of the giant radial engines of a B-17 or B-29 before a mission and see what comes out ...), so these large particulate emissions at high altitude just favored the condensation of moisture in the atmosphere, a phenomenon which, as noted, occurs precisely in the so-called "condensation nuclei "and the subsequent formation of ice crystals. In other words, ideal conditions to the formation of numerous especially persistent contrails. Also add that the quality of fuels used in wartime was not even remotely comparable with that of today: it was so low that you designed and applied various devices to remedy catalysts, which were inspired some good models on the market today for installation on standard vehicles.
So, how can you equate the scenario just outlined, particularly given the simultaneous presence in the skies of several hundred (if not thousands) of aircraft, as today, arguing that these are only the contrails produced by normal commercial traffic? Perhaps a combined presentation of sound reasoning that is more than a few incontrovertible facts mental masturbation, lust and evocation of unlikely protagonists of "experts", coupled with the continued use of scorn and ridicule in order to disguise the paucity of their arguments (as exemplified by the story unlikely migration of spiders as responsible for the relapse of filaments, in every way worthy of that made at that time to explain crop circles, produced by the frantic chase in the fields of pairs of sea urchins in love ...).
One thing is certain: I will not be drawn into a sterile controversy, as happened to the great Massimo Mazzucco who sacrificed sleep to refute point by point to Attivissimo on various issues relating to 11 September 2001, without a draw from the spider hole (as far as the death knell for Attivissimo be played in the recent and scientifically documented discovery of highly sophisticated Termite between the collected dust at Ground Zero ...) I do not know how to earn a living, and Mr. Attivissimo how I can reconcile his work with the great deal of time and energy it takes in an attempt to disassemble, refute, ridicule and demonize issues of importance such as chemtrails, manipulation of the climate and September 11 (and even UFOs, for that matter), on which anyone with good will, without bias, independence of thought and sound discernment can find a monumental amount of documentation and separate fact from fanciful conjecture, the truth from the disinformation, information from buffalo . I prefer to spend very little free time I can carve out a more challenging work in more positive activities and rewarding from a social perspective.
The fact remains that the healthy and honest public debate there has been, and it was not me (nor Dr. Pattera, for that matter) to miss the appointment. Could it be that among all those that are looking at the bottom of the largest buffalo is really him?


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