Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thank You, Wedding Slogan

The forest is a place for the soul, before that body. A place that is the soul. It 's the place of mystery, the threshold to be crossed only if you really look for an initiation, initiation of necessity pass through death. And 'in fact inhabited by beings, the forest, leading as guardians and guides, beyond the threshold, wolves, night birds, foxes ... It 's a place that suggests to us the mysterious wonder ancestral one that caught in the depths of the spirit of our ancestors, all those who voluntarily or by necessity we ventured.

The forest is a wild place, by definition, a place where the certainties fade, where the road known is lost, when only learning to trust our senses and see with new eyes the reality, you can proceed.

E 'in a box, the woods, our thoughts and our desires, fears and difficulties that we carry within us even before they found fighting outside.

It 's a love song, the woods, a hymn to the wilderness, not tame, a place where only children of the night animals and women in search of knowledge and wisdom, then labeled as witches, of Strix, the owl, nocturnal animal, dare to venture, yesterday and today.

And 'Other place, the woods, where the immanent divinity dwells everywhere, where we encounter the Sacred in plants, trees, animals, rocks, the trails that wind in his belly.

It 's the place where every perception known, all knowledge, you cancel, to let themselves be replaced, in those who are willing to change, the reality which hides it jealously.

The forest is my beloved place, the temple and the home, my soul and my journey.


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