Friday, March 4, 2011

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spreads the Moncton Excellence

begin the commentary of the final outcome of the first leg, 30 to 47 for Moncton. It was one of the worst performances of our team, perhaps the lowest point ever reached in our recent history. Now here we go again to face the New Moncalieri. A classic season for our team, because this is the third consecutive season that crossed our paths with them, both in FIP and the CIS. Over the years they have created a healthy and friendly, it must be said, rivalry. Spent the preambles of the game we are the rite. Check out the sprint Moncalieri that we respond only with the initials Neira that 7 out of 9 total points of our first quarter. The play seems Fuligno ball but fouls trivial it recommended the replacement soon. Final quarter of 12 to 9. In the second quarter of the match the trend is reversed, we start to play as a team, while Moncalieri, only seven presented themselves
begin to show signs of slowing down and for them the way of the basket becomes increasingly difficult. Neira is monumental for him to end double double double, or 20 (twenty!) Rebounds and 19 points. We went to the break along the 20 to 27. In the third quarter the teams are balanced, but our work on the sides exhausted opponents. Fuligno press and is then pressed. The amount of energy to stop the play will be costly to our tarantolato Moncalieri. In fact the last quarter Moncalieri and Rivoli ramp is literally stunned. Touch on even the winds to settle on the final siren 32 to 49. Salvation in CSI is getting closer. Good defense team, some of this review that the attack was a mistake industrial quantities of easy shots. Something has to be reviewed but we on the right track. Best
quintet: Neira, Fuligno, Beltramo, Bosco and Fasolo cite but also foxes and Prego.
MVP: a ubiquitous Neira.

New Moncalieri - DB Rivoli: 32 to 49 (12 to 9 / 20 to 27/29 to 36)

New Moncalieri: 8 Accardo, Sleep 5, Zanini, Mammone 6, 10 Santoro, Masiero, Tolardo, Fabiano 3. Herds Ferrero

DB Rivoli: Fuligno 6, Prego 3, Volpi 2, Bertrand 8, Woods 3, 6 Fasolo, Gentile, Neira 19, Parusso 2, Rubbo. Appendix Bl

Referee Canola from Turin.

John Fuligno


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