Sunday, March 6, 2011

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Albums with Peas, Prosciutto and cheese with fine herbs

Clafoutis di Albumi con Piselli, Prosciutto e Formaggio alle Erbe

Here, this time I changed kind, but I responded to the short distance holsters ... Well, for one reason or another can no longer organize the blog with the care that my baby would require. In truth, it is a period that I can not keep up with anything having to four books on the waiting list on the bedside table, a thousand recipes in pending in to do list, to see two films at the cinema, three shelves to finish the restoration, five days of non-grooming Myrtle, dozens of customers to be contacted, three sessions of reflexology have paid to be fixed and you do not count the days when I skipped the meditation. I wonder if I demand too much from myself or if they are too lenient towards my defections.
one thing, however, remain strict: the food is thrown, and in my opinion, to advance the egg whites to make meringue is a waste. Sometimes I prepare and I are also good, but eating them does not satisfy me.
Instead, I discovered one thing: that the clafoutis and the filling of quiches, if made with egg whites only, swell like souffl├ęs, then only that one piece that just add a little 'more than salt, spices or herbs to not to point out to anyone la differenza con quelli fatti con le uova intere.

  • 4 albumi
  • 150 gr di formaggio spalmabile aromatizzato alle erbe
  • 100 gr di prosciutto cotto
  • 1/2 barattolo di piselli (o 120 gr di piselli sgusciati)
  • sale
  • pepe


Sbattete bene gli albumi con il formaggio, fino ad amalgamarli. Tagliate il prosciutto a dadini e aggiungetelo al composto, infine unite i piselli. Salate, pepate e distribuite il composto tra due cocottes grandi o 4 piccole. Infornate a 180° for about 20 'or at least long enough to brown slightly swollen and the surface


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