Thursday, December 16, 2010

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Corso di cucina con Palma d’Onofrio alla Zago Taste Good

Friday, December 10, 2010 I attended the cooking class with Palme d'Onofrio, the teacher of the cooking show "The Evidence of the Cook " at the Good Taste Zago.

theme of the course: The holiday menu.

And these are the recipes prepared during the course:

Panettone pudding thistles

* * *
lasagna in the form

baked veal shank with pomegranate
yule logs

During the Christmas holidays will post some of these recipes.

Some stages of processing of the herbal cake:

The lasagna in the form:

The stub Christmas

Palme d'Onofrio

Palma D'Onofrio with the owners of Good Taste Zago.

During the evening we had the opportunity to taste the latest creations of Zago Good Taste: panettone to cuveè HY, HY cuveè beer, chocolates, beer and the fabulous coffee to beer.

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