Monday, December 20, 2010

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hill in the U14.

Draft gained after defeat against Torino Pino Torinese Teen Basketball for boys dell'U14.

We were just playing in the first quarter with a lead of 7 to 12, which bodes well, but the "hill" with two three-pointers fail to recover the break and close the first quarter ahead.

Then, unfortunately, that constantly repeats itself for this team when it is below the score, the general discouragement with the lack of constructive approach to the race, and players who quit the team and try to play the individual game. The result is 14 break points in the second period and 11 in the third.

numbers technicians are really disappointing to shoot from under 13/40, 2 / 22 from outside, 0 / 3 3, 3 / 10 time-trial detention, 50 turnovers and 13 recovered, only four players in a match report with 22 points.

numbers certainly accentuated dall'approccio mind that children have difficult moments in the race, it shows a lack of determination, "malice" competitive, to compete against teams level. An episode that I noticed, at 6 seconds after the final siren a young opponent, with his team out of 33, diving to find the ball on the sideline, in our midfield.
More than the technical deficiencies, will undoubtedly enhance the work in the gym, worry about those traits.

The two games played with teams of a certain level, have been disappointing, and are closed with significant differences with scores on our part, by minibasket. Impaired
the chance to compete for the top two places, missing two games at the end of the first round, including the last, the confrontation with the leaders still unbeaten, Rebaudengo.

hope of pride in a test of our children.

After Christmas we moved in Pietra Ligure to compete in a tournament. We hope to serve at least give a bit of confidence and encouragement to the boys.

Merry Christmas to all.

Torino Teen Basketball - Don Bosco Rivoli 66-33 (18-14, 18-4, 21-10, 9 - 5)

Don Bosco Rivoli: Alberti (T2 0 / 9), Maggi 20 (T2 9 / 18 , T3 0 / 1, TL 2 / 2), Bechis (T2 0 / 1), Marro (T2 0/5, T3 0/1), Lanatà (T2 0/1), Scocca (T2 0/4), Bommaci 2 (T2 1/2, TL 0/4), Lauria 2 (T2 1/2), Lucchiari 9 (T2 4/14, T3 0/1, TL 1/6), Elisio (T2 0/2), Bruno (T2 0/4, TL 0/4)


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