Friday, January 21, 2011

Baja 150 Atv Go Faster

than 100 and close properly the way! The U14

Al PalaDonBosco closes the first round for the boys dell'U14 with a win against River Borgaro for 101 to 60, and by passing the "Dimension 100" for first time during the season.

Easy victory, never questioned, with a partial third, a point won by opponents who are no longer the team against whom we have always struggled in previous seasons, with games ending in a gap of a few points (the most recent Vallette of the tournament last spring won by our overtime).

Good performance by all and we recommend that only a higher concentration in the shoots flat on the board, as they were yesterday also committed many mistakes enough to pull through too.

The ranking of the circle, the halfway point, that he sees at 8 wins and 2 losses, tied with Torino Teen Basketball Victoria and Basketball (but with whom we have lost in the direct matches) and one win from Rebaudengo leaders.

We face a challenging second round, since the next event in that against a team of Chieri not easy, but we beat that first leg was without their best player, hoping to get to play for the first two places giving entitlement to the knockout stage for the regional title.

Don Bosco Rivoli - River Borgaro 101-60

partial (22 - 10, 30-15, 21-22, 28 - 13)

Tabellini: Don Bosco
Rivoli: Alberti 4, Maggi 42, Bechis, Lanata 10 , Body, Bommaci 8, 9 Lauria, Lucchiari 12, 6 Bruno, Selvaggi 10. D'Affuso

River Borgaro: Pinara 6, Corsani 15, Fish, Di Carlo 10, Board 8, 13 Gatta, Vitale 5, Posen, Capra, Trevisan 3, Borghi. Maretto


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