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How To Loosen A Baitcaster

Battuta Condove but that effort! The U14

last of the first round of the championship round promotion Fip E. Play against the Condove, Cinderella of the group to zero points. The game starts off well for our standard bearer. Neira, David Vergano Sassi and give wings to the Rivoli that close to the first portion 15 to 8. Yet many streams in the second quarter, Sola assist with delicious inspired maneuver and the Saints fly to +19 as well, close most of the village with a reassuring +15 (33 to 18). The paucity of

Condove and the trial of strength offered by our interest seems to have taken the match and instead ... As so often takes the syndrome of the third quarter. Ours are unable to attack the defense of its marble Susa, also because of some refereeing decisions which lead to an unsportsmanlike, three technicians and all'espilsione Stones and David exit 5 fouls of his brother Andrew. Demoralized, the Rivoli and give a crash when 10 minutes at the end of the scoreboard reads 39 to 39. Now the two teams face each other head on, we record a Sola by appointment, for riacuttizzarsi of shoulder pain.

It 'a beautiful Neira to keep us afloat, especially from the foul line. Mark answers blow for blow to the opponent's play Grosso. Final seconds, we have victory in hand, because two seconds after Bo has the opportunity to close the meeting with two free throws. Purtrtoppo the ball becomes heavy and a zero conviction on two teams all'over time. In the first half of extra time the duo Neira / Zabaldano respond to the great omnipresent Grosso signing all five points of Condove. The siren will sound at 55 even. Carry on. Over time

The second opens with a ball stolen by Zabaldano which responds immediately condovese Reclademarco. At this point in salt Vergano professor who finds the courage and is two shots in quick succession by six meters and seventy-five that give us a reassuring + 6. It looks rather good and made Tommy Baros it combines more than 50 seconds from the end Bertoldo is better than not commit a foul on a desperation shot from three of the player Condove Bruti. 3 of 3 from the line c 'is still suffering. To make amends Tommy looks for the foul and goes to where it makes a bezel setting up two scores on 64 to 60 final.

Final consideration: we have finished the first round with six points (our record) we are close to the town but not far from the playoffs play out. Always great to play for the first two quarters (see Grugliasco, Rosta, Alberteam and Laura Vicuna) and then melt in the third fraction.

We can not speak of an obvious physical decline but probably a mental factor that inexplicably snaps into the heads of our players. The only exception was against the league leaders after Alfieri where the first two quarters, below the winds, we arrived in the third less than six playing absolutely the best of our village. Probably only a psychologist can solve the dilemma ... maybe.

Best quintet: Vergano, Neira, D. Sassi, A. Sassi, Zabaldano.
MVP: Vergano Neira is preferable to the two triple which effectively shielded the end of Rivoli.

Ridiamoci up: Have you seen Zabaldano, you have not noticed a remarkable resemblance to a TV character? answer the question and win 10 tickets for free for the next match of the Don Bosco basketball Rivoli. The answer next week.

DB-Rivoli Condove: 64 to 60 dts (15 to 8 / 33 to 18/39 to 39/50 to 50 / 55 55 /)

Rivoli DB: One 3, Baros 5, 6 Zabaldano, 15 Neira, D. Sassi 9, Parusso, 13 Vergano, A. Sassi 8, a Gentile, Bo 4. Appendix Bl

Condove: Bruti 7, Big 20, 2 Galfano, Negro 5, Bar 6, D'Agostino 2, Cerutti 7, 8 Reclademarco, Perotto 3, Lorenzetti. Herds Bosso.

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