Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Physics Of Continuous Matter Lautrup

Who wants to get involved?

Excuse me, but I can not resist: I put a part of an effort too, too exciting ...
I report verbatim the press release, because at the moment, I can not find better words to tell you

"Cooking is your passion and dreams of becoming a great chef?

Then this is your opportunity. Arrived at Heaven (DTT channel 26) Masterchef ITALY: The first talent show for fans kitchen!

Aspiring chefs from all regions will compete under the eyes of a panel of experts that will put to the test.

Want to become the first in Italy Masterchef? You can win a major cash prize and publish a book recipes of your own!

If you believe you have the right ingredients, call
02. 87 38 14 82 or write to
masterchef@cielotv.it "


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