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meatballs lightly with cumin-crusted Lemon Pumpkin Corn

Polpettine di Zucca al Limone in crosta di Mais con cuore di Cheddar

These are hardly the first meatballs pumpkin that I propose and I imagine that they will not be the last. And even the most original since, apart having the smell of lemon, I used a base so dear to me, I use for all that I prepare vegetarian meatballs ... Years ago, when even the most mundane preparations were a mystery to me (as if by then I had a lot of progress ...), I tried to figure out how to use the vegetables purchased in excess in the form greedy. I do not remember which pious soul I came to the rescue of a forum / chat / blog, but since then the plant with heart melted boulettes have become for us the food spoils for excellence, to the point, my purpose to manufacture in quantities regiment, to freeze some to pull out if necessary for a drink with friends (of those with the ambition to serve an assortment of appetizers equal to that of local varieties in me losing my mind and for which, therefore, have a healthy supply of snacks in the freezer would be a lifeline) must regularly to the dogs, not in the sense that the doses are not industrial, but because they vanish like nothing ...
I want to share this recipe with you unparalleled because it is simple, can be achieved with any vegetable (although with the pumpkin ... well, the pumpkin is another matter entirely ...) and really warms my heart.

  • weighing 500-600 grams of pumpkin with the skin and seeds
  • 1 egg zest of 1 lemon reduced to small scales
  • 00 flour taste
  • cheddar or other cheese to taste stringy
  • corn flour foil
  • extra virgin olive oil salt pepper

Procedure :

clean the pumpkin, boil it to steam and let it drain and cool completely. This is very important to find, then, to work the flesh is firm and compact as possible.

then mash with a fork and add the egg, lemon zest and flour mixture is required to work: this is essential the pumpkin is dry, otherwise you will add too much flour and the taste will suffer.

salt, pepper and form into balls the size of a small tangerine. Insert it gently into each a cube of cheese and roll in cornmeal. Arrange in a lightly oiled baking pan and sprinkle with a little olive oil. Salt the top and bake at 180 degrees for 20 minutes, until golden.


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