Friday, January 28, 2011

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dell'U14 misstep in Chieri.

ugly defeat for the boys in that dell'U14 Chieri in the first game of the second round.

The race, largely within our reach, against a team that is behind us in the standings, she started well in the first period, so that about 3 minutes from the end of the first ten minutes of play, you was ahead by 15 to 3. A break for the partial Chieri closes 11 to 19 and nothing allowed to foresee the disaster of the second period ended 26 to 8, which has completely turned the game, as the next
periods were in perfect balance.

The debacle began with gross errors in the planks, which have then been a constant throughout the race and we have prevented from eventually overturn the result, and with a dramatic loosening of the defensive mesh, allowing easy penetration of our opponents .

In the fourth period, we come to a full possession of about three minutes away from the siren, but a basket by three of our opponents we cut legs. Too bad for having left the field two points that we would probably preclude the race for the top two places, less than resounding defeats of teams ahead of us.
Unfortunately no longer depends solely on us.

Chieri Basketball - Don Bosco 67 to 58

partial (11 - 19, 26-8, 13-10, 17 - 21)

Basketball Chieri: Civera 2, 2 Rusco, Pasini 10, Marzola, Flores, Recanzone 4 , Tamborrini 14, Taricco 11, Squad 2, Dalla Pria, Ghirardelli, field 22. Savaglio

Don Bosco Rivoli: Alberti 4, Bono, May 29, Lanata 2, Structure 4, Bommaci 3, 4 Lauria, Lucchiari 6, Brown 6, Toscano, Selvaggi. D'Affuso


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