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Herpes And Facial Hair

Amaretto Cheese Cake with Black Sesame Bagels

Cheese Cake all'Amaretto

That of 2010 was definitely the last year than I have ever spent: Although not usually possible to arrange the trip, I had the pleasure to toast the future with two of our dearest friends, in their beautiful house, a contest that has turned me into strange fancies of furniture that will speak to you soon.
attraction of the dinner were the stormy relationship between the microscopic Myrtle and their mammoth Newfoundland, a no holds barred fight that made us laugh, worry, and then smile again. I am more convinced than ever that life without friends and without animals is very sickly.
The perfect hostess, one of the friendliest people I know, has prepared an excellent dinner, which culminated in a choreographic bourguignon. I got the satisfaction to take care of dessert and I must say that from the beginning I had no doubts: the perfect dessert to end a very memorable year (and not for positive reasons, but I always say, not all evil is a silver lining and the facts are showing) and open another one that I hope will be less full of tests and more generous rewards, it was this.
a cheese cake there are many and each one is, after all, a variation of the basic recipe by adding other characterizing ingredients. And do not rule out that this does not bring anything new to sunlight. But the basis of macaroons makes it unique, as well as the unmistakable aroma of almond cream, topped by crunchy amaretti further into large pieces.
I received many compliments on this dessert, I sincerely hope as the affection of those who bring them to me.

  • 200 g amaretti
  • 40 grams of almonds
  • 60 g butter
  • 500 g cheese 3 eggs
  • 120 gr
  • sugar 6 tablespoons Amaretto liqueur
  • 3 tablespoons milk 1 teaspoon flour


Blend 100 gr macaroons, almonds and butter until the mixture is homogeneous . Divide the bottom of a cake can be opened in a circle (I used a 26 cm diameter, but if you have one smaller than the cake will be taller and better looking). Store in refrigerator and prepare the filling, working all the other ingredients except the macaroons. Obtained a cream, gently mix in 60 grams of coarsely chopped amaretti. Overturn on the basis of biscuits and bake at 180 degrees for about 45 minutes, until the surface of the cake will not soda, but still shaky in the middle. Let cool, then remove the rim of the cake (if you can also lower the disc ... I can not ever) and decorate with the remaining crushed amaretti.


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