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Monday, March 20, 2000 a web page The Independent headline "Now the snow is something that belongs only to the past." A great example of how, since then, the media around the world have competed in spreading the word about the so-called "global warming", the new scientific religion harbinger of benefices and awards against its evangelists (and an Oscar a Nobel Prize for former Vice President Al Gore) and lucrative business for their followers (the scandalous trade "allowances" among countries that pollute more and countries that pollute less and find other like that ...).

Ironically, ten years after northern Europe is enveloped by a grip of cold that has not been seen for some time, with local record low temperatures not seen for centuries. But the same applies to the United States, where snow fell even in the desert of Arizona and California.

What say of snow in Australia? This is particularly significant and disturbing anomaly, considering that in this hemisphere is the summer, to which are added to the unusual and devastating floods that have battered Queensland.

Il lungo elenco delle più recenti stranezze meteorologiche non sembra aver scalfito più di tanto le certezze dei sostenitori del riscaldamento globale di origine antropogenica, che anzi le presentano come una paradossale conferma della loro teoria sempre più traballante, senza alcun senso del ridicolo. Un dato apparentemente certo è che queste anomalie sono state indotte da una radicale modificazione the jet stream, the jet stream that normally blow from the Atlantic over northern Europe and now has moved several hundred miles to the south.

The logical question at this point is what has caused the displacement of the jet stream? The answer may have something to do with the gradual slowdown of the Gulf Stream and hence the "conveyor belt" of the North Atlantic, seen in decades of studies, and recently culminated in a "block" favored by the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, as shown a few months ago by Gianluigi Zangari, physical CNR.

The consequences are unpredictable climate, but link the advent of a new Ice age (small or otherwise) that attanaglierà the European continent in the coming years. It must be said that the equation must be balanced against solar cycles and the unusual activity of our star. A brilliant examination of these mechanisms can be found here . If this trend proves climate reliable, as it seems, imagine what the consequences will be for crops and foodstuffs, for example, if the snow will last well beyond the norm ... the elements for a potential global food crisis are all there.


An aspect not to overlook is his l’attuale situazione nel Golfo del Messico, di cui nessuno parla più: a parte le numerose, gravi patologie manifestate da molti dei residenti, in particolare fra coloro che hanno partecipato alle operazioni di ripulitura, sembra che la fuoriuscita di petrolio sia tutt’altro che cessata (qualcuno stima che almeno il 79% di tutto quello disperso durante l’emergenza si trovi ancora lì, adagiato sul fondo del mare) e che la BP stia pompando enormi quantità di Corexit (il solvente estremamente tossico utilizzato sin dall’inizio per dissolvere e “precipitare” il petrolio in profondità) direttamente in corrispondenza delle falle, coadiuvata dalle forze armate USA che lo spruzzano con dei C-130 sulla superficie sea \u200b\u200bat night to avoid being noticed by the people. The monumental amount of toxic chemicals missing impose a heavy, perhaps fatal tribute to the environment of a huge area and the people who live there. The consequences for the ecosystem, the food chain and health of millions of people are just catastrophic and, what is worse, several facts suggest that there was no question of fate or incompetence. As soon as possible, compile a detailed summary of the events and their management by the so-called "authorities" in order to draw a picture of what history will remember as the worst environmental disaster of the era modern.

In recent days, a great plague of fish and birds was initially concerned the state of Arkansas, by extension, virtually all over the world (1 , 2 ).

Here are some reports of local 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 .

Far from being a simple phenomenon “fortiano” (come le celeberrime piogge di rane viste nel film Magnolia ...), si tratta di un evento che sta disorientando autorità e studiosi. Dopo le prime fantasiose spiegazioni ufficiali (come i botti di capodanno che avrebbero disorientato e stordito gli uccelli), escluso un avvelenamento (la strage ha interessato selettivamente specifiche specie di animali), ora i ricercatori si stanno sbizzarrendo con svariate ipotesi , una delle quali mi trova concorde. Alcuni elementi, infatti, suggeriscono che ad essere implicato potrebbe essere il solito sistema HAARP o sistemi electromagnetic analogues. If so, we must think about some sort of test, or something even more sinister and threatening?

Finally, an oddity that covered the river in Goldstream Provincial Park, Vancouver Island, Canada, for about a 'has now become inexplicably bright green before returning to normal. Currently, there are no explanations of the phenomenon.

Se il buongiorno si vede dal mattino, questo 2011 promette di essere ricco di sorprese, quindi... buon anno!


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