Sunday, January 16, 2011

Positions To Get A Brazillian

shakes the leaders! The Reba lost their unbeaten!

Here's the game we all expect to see our guys after the last game pale before the Christmas break, lost and played without a backbone Pino Torinese. And against the league leaders Rebaudengo, so far with a record of 9 to 0, the first defeat on the final day of the first round against our U14 with the final 72 to 75.

game played with such intensity, determination, fighting spirit and played some good football by Rivoli, from the first quarter, where coach D'Affuso, contrary to the habits, enters a quintet without captain Maggi, but it is the part of the first quarter to make a difference and allow us to bring home the victory.

We see immediately that Ours are on the ball, especially mentally and racing because, technically, there are teams much higher.
stroke, recovery, defense, rebounds and above all consistent numerical superiority in the transitions, have made a difference.

difficulties begin from the third quarter due to foul trouble: Bommaci come first, followed by Lucchiari and Laura, with Alberti, Bechis, Structure and Lanata, closing with 4. Despite this, some questionable refereeing decisions, and a pass in three of the most Reba about three minutes remaining, the boys do not lose concentration but recover and bring home a success that puts them in a prestigious race in this very balanced group which we are currently in second place (one quarter as a result of losses in head to head with Pino and Victoria) with 7 wins and 2 defeats, Reba behind the leaders with 9 to 1.

PalaDonBosco Thursday to recover the race of the penultimate round first leg against Borgaro, waiting for an exciting and thrilling second round.
playing so we can try to get to the bottom.

Well done guys!

Reba - Don Bosco 72 to 75
partial (14-22, 16-16, 23-18, 19-19)
Reba: Scelfo, Ruscitti 3, 18 Spellman, Ferrero, Cadivot 4, Loyaza 4, 5 Secci , Negri 12, Ingrassia, 19 Marra, Flower 7. Marra

Don Bosco Rivoli: Alberti 4, Maggi 33, Bechis 1, 7 Lanata, Shell, Bommaci 2, 4 Lauria, Lucchiari 17, Bruno 1, Tuscan, Wild 6. D'Angelo Affuso



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