Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why Does My Sore Throat Hurt More At Night

Oeuf Cocotte with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Pesto

Oeuf Cocotte con Pomodori Secchi e Pesto

That Friday, my house, is by definition the evening of cocottes: I would like to conclude the work week with a simple and quick to prepare and cook it yourself in oven, while sipping a glass of wine and a foretaste duei the days of freedom at the door. It is a relaxing way to close the parentheses of the labor office, which for five days a week make me see things in perspective a bit 'distorted, and open the doors of life "real."
-reference to the morning of Saturday and Sunday of the culinary chores real and I enjoy my ramequins of glazed porcelain and their content creamy, or crunchy and stringy.
In this preparation I wanted to bring together two flavors that I love most: that of fresh pesto, which I enjoy all winter thanks to my stocks providential basil and summer savory to the sun-dried tomatoes possessed by me , who gave a lively note to the usual fried eggs.

Oeuf Cocotte con Pomodori Secchi e Pesto

Ingredients x 2 cocottes :


the diced tomatoes and stir in cream. Add a little 'milk and distribute them in cocottes. Break two eggs in each, salt and pepper the egg yolk and bake in preheated oven at 180 degrees for 10 minutes. Serve hot, pouring on the surface of a generous portion of pesto.

Oeuf Cocotte con Pomodori Secchi e Pesto

With this recipe, I participate in the contest of Imma


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