Sunday, January 16, 2011

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Oasis beats Don Bosco.

Goes to the Oasis Youth Rivaltesi Laura Vicuna the derby with the Salesian Don Bosco di Rivoli. Unfortunately the first game of the year was not favorable for our colors, but do not be misled by the final score. The gap of 14 points was the result of third quarter we played badly but also gained from Rivoli to the perplexing decision of two referees who have left for three quarters running a little too much animosity of the guys racing the Oasis, trying to reward only in the last final stages of the last quarter of their colossal mistakes that have been the constant nagging of the whole meeting.

from the stands could save several interventions found no Fouled towards our long: Neira, stones, rods and Sola. Even Zabaldano, then left for 5 fouls and Baros had a complaint with the referees to fouls and not identified. In addition, the expense was also the coach Carlo blessed that the threshold of his 60 years is seen to impose for the first time in his career as a player and coach first and then a technical foul for protesting.

This is not to say that the boys Oasis have not deserved the win because the other side of the fouls will not see the our damage, they played well, cynically taking advantage of the heeling moment of mental Rivoli.

a shame, because our victory would have opened doors in the rest of the season interesting, but the defeat leaves us in the danger zone. Briefly

the record: the first two quarters with slight advantages for Rivoli that closes out the first 20 minutes of 3 on 31 to 34, then the Oasis salt in a chair pushed by bombs Pasquero and omnipresence in the planks of the excellent Jack and sorry to say dall'attegiamento totally hostile referees against us.

last quarter the Salesians rivaltesi flying to more than 20 then, as I said, the couple decided arbitration to make the pill less bitter whistling for us every single contact. We go several times in the bezel, but now our mistakes are broken and even some free too on a night where we were going well in this major. At the final siren

the board said 68 to 54 for the Laura Vicuna. Remains the disappointment, because if the two arbitrators were used throughout the game the same yardstick used in the last five minutes, maybe we would be here talking about another game.

Anyway congratulations to the young that Oasis have made their best game of the great advantage of the opportunity offered them by two referees. It is not their fault if they have won, in fact I think it is only right fare loro un applauso, in quanto con questa vittoria si candidano ad un posto nei play off. Ricordiamo per inciso che su questo campo hanno lasciato le penne sia l'Alfieri (capolista del girone) e il Rosta (grande favorito) quindi consoliamoci, comunque sia andata siamo in buona compagnia. Alla prossima. Rimane un dubbio: visto che si giocava a Rivalta con una squadra di Rivalta ha senso mandare un arbitro di Rivalta? Attenzione nella mia domanda non c'è malafede ma semplice curiosità.

Miglior quintetto: Vergano, Sassi D., Neirotti, Baroso e Sola.
Migliore dei nostri Vergano.

Oasi Laura Vicuna - D.B. Rivoli: 68 a 54 (15 a 16/ 31 a 34/ 50 a 40)

Oasi Laura Vicuna:De leo 4, Martinetto 22, Perciavalle 3, Pasquero 16, Bertoluzzo 4, Gonella 1, Peron 2, Giovine 10, Cantanna 6, Ghirardo. All Bianco.

D.B. Rivoli: Baroso 8, Zabaldano 4, Sola 7, Neirotti 9, Parusso, Sassi D. 7, Vergano 13, Rigardo 8, Volpi, Dal Bò. All. Beato.

Arbitri Marcon di Rivalta e Barra di Torino


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