Friday, February 4, 2011

96 Grand Marquis Turn Signal

Risotto with roasted onions and Cotechino

Risotto con Cipolle e Cotechino arrostiti

For some time, our Sunday lunch has been enriched by an important event: the vision of the replica of "My Tour of Europe" by Jamie Oliver, on Sky (I find that Heaven is a beautiful canal).

That's right, the episode is aired just from 13.00 to 14.00, which forces us to even more secularized ritual meal on Sundays, that not only is not consumed in the company of the rest of the alliance, but now, even more to the table, but on the couch.

For reference, on Sunday a few weeks ago we scraped the bottom, watching the program while enjoying a Jamie Oliver recipe, this risotto, in fact. And there is triggered the inevitable comparisons, "But it looks like fun, what fun is trying, touching everything with his hands, clutching in his fist smashes tomatoes, take handfuls of ingredients and breaks them in an irregular manner, not like weights you that the salt, diced vegetables with a ruler to make sure that all the cubes measure the same volume and cut the cheese with the levels, all with a knife and fork to not get your hands dirty, "" Love, he's a genius and can afford to make fun of the food, I am a priestess of the kitchen and I come to it with devotion, "" Stories, look at the big pot, did a great casino on the board, but check out colors, "" Love, he has the crew to clean up "...

No way, the confrontation ended when my defeat across the board.

But the risotto was good.


  • a pre-cooked sausage
  • 1 + 1 / 4 onion
  • 180 grams of rice for risotto
  • a bit of butter
  • broth
  • Parmesan
  • salt

pepper Method:

Remove the sausage from the package and the liberatelo fat and jelly around. Bake along with a peeled onion for about 45 'to 180 °. Let cool, then peeled the onion, cloves ricavatene 8. remove the skin to the sausage. Of the latter you only need 1 / 3, the rest can eat it sliced, with mashed lentils or, as we normally do. Crumble the sausage aside for the risotto.

Prepare a risotto with white all the other ingredients except the Parmesan cheese and, towards the end of cooking, add the onion and sausage. Fully cooked and stir in the Parmesan cheese.

NB: And after talking to my idol, I find myself having to say a few words about one of the characters, however, the more I annoy for their lack of culture background, their superficiality and their utter inability to do what, at some point in their lives, they decided, so emblematic of, without knowing anything, to do ...
Moreover, it is always pork, right?

If you are tired of this fallocrate reported that feminism back 60 years, go find here more information on this laudable initiative.


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