Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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Polenta Cookies

Polenta Cookies

I said and I repeat: Trish Deseine not only offers fantastic recipes, but makes even the most mundane special.

These cookies, for example: a few simple ingredients, which, however, put together have created a riot of perfumes. That of soft butter, the pungent notes of lemon, the sweetness just hinted at a touch of sugar. Cookies are simple, but little ones as they are, can not stop eating them ...

lasted as long as I think I had breakfast at least three times a day, to have the excuse of Pucci in coffee, which, in my opinion, is their more dignified end.

you like my new barattolone?

Polenta Cookies

  • 75 grams of corn flour foil
  • 150 grams of flour 00
  • 75 grams of sugar 100 g butter 1 egg
  • the grated rind of one lemon


Place all ingredients in a food processor and knead it into small rounds, until the crumbs. Aligned manually and put the dough rest in refrigerator for one hour. Picked up small pieces of dough and form small balls of approx. 2 cm in diameter, lay on baking sheets covered with parchment paper.

Bake at 180 degrees for about 12 minutes.

Then, if you are not yet come to boredom and you would like to hear me ramble even on air on Thursday 3 February at 19:00 you can watch my interview Radio Radicchio on (no, I'm taking the piss, it's called that), during the broadcast " parallel .


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