Sunday, February 20, 2011

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U14 wins and remains in the wake!

Taken U14 regional championship after the stop due to the Italian Cup Final Eight, which were held in Turin, and the race was not held against MONTEMILIUS AOSTA, for the non-arrival of the opposing team, of which we are still awaiting the decision of the court sports.

home game against a RAINBOW CHIERI and the success of the first round, the race virtually closed to the range along with fifteen points margin, administered in the last two quarters, after which the advantage was also arrived at twenty, with some heartache in the last five minutes of the race while the boys have decided that the game was closed and consequently stopped playing, but luckily the advantage was too great to risk.
continue to commit many mistakes to pull from below support that frustrate the superiority appreciable bounce and texture of the game.

If these errors with technically inferior teams still allow us to bring home the result, but can be decisive in competition with top teams.
Saturday we expect one of these battles, against VICTORIA BASKETBALL, who has clearly beaten the PalaDonBosco leg, even with the excuse of many absences among our ranks.
The race is wide open and still important to nurture hope in the race for the top two places in the standings, as the VICTORIA, after the defeat against San Mauro, now has our own points, the losing team will most likely say goodbye to the hopes post-season.

As for the game against RAINBOW encouraging signs of progress by Laura, who is contributing to rebound, steals and also became a reference point in attack under the boards, yesterday was also able to contain himself on fouls . Also good test of savages in double figures, which is made be ready to receive suggestions from classmates and individual initiatives, and Lanata 'which is putting the team with a good view of the game that allows him to offer rides effective mates.
concentration and determination for the race on Saturday.

Don Bosco Rivoli - Rainbow Chieri 76 to 63
partial (21 - 17, 23-12, 17 - 17; 15 - 17) Don Bosco
Rivoli: Alberti 4, May 23, Marro 4, Lanata 6, Seat 1, 2 Bommaci, Lauria 5, Lucchiari 16, Brown 5, Wild 10. Piero D'Affuso
Rainbow Chieri: Banno 3, 4 Baldi, Perna, Pignata 5, War 7, 8 Cucco, Marini 7, De Grandis 16, White 7, good 6. Gastaldi Eugenio

Angelo Scocca


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