Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Remedy For Infant Rash

The Don Bosco gets up again!

first of two matches in under a week, ahead of the third day of return Chivasso.
Victoria at the end of easy and large difference, but very balanced in the first two periods, so that our long interval were ahead of only three points.
The usual difficulty to get into the game against weaker opponents on paper, either for lack of concentration, want to underestimate the commitment, they often forced the coach to urge the boys in an attempt to shake them and bring them to break that could have more easily manage the race, which is what happened to the resumption of the third quarter.
we had in front of a team of more technical depth, would not be so easy to take home the result of playing well only two quarters out of four.
Note on Sofia Bruno, among so many boys, with its effective penetration, has shouldered the burden of supporting the team in times of difficulty. Thursday
race back to the second round against PalaDonBosco Montemilius Aosta.

Chivasso 47 Don Bosco 82 Rivoli
partial (14 - 16, 13-14, 12-28, 8 - 24)
Chivasso: Zinfollino 4, Milmi 3, 4 Russian, 8 Zanero, Visca 2, Horse, San Lorenzo 7, Roberto, Pepino 9, Centis 2, Licari 8, Taddeo. All.re Zaltron

Don Bosco Rivoli: Alberti 4, Maggi 32, Marro 4, Lanatà 8, Scocca 2, Bommaci 6, Lauria 2, Lucchiari 5, Bruno 15, Selvaggi 4. All.re D'Affuso

Angelo Scocca


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