Saturday, February 19, 2011

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beats Don Bosco.

bitter defeat for the Don Bosco Rivoli against a pretender, like us, to play out. Winning this match would be a decisive step and essential for salvation, but unfortunately our lacked the necessary concentration for them to run a game right from the opening bars occurred uphill. For two quarters the Rivoli were unable to attack the area built by the Bulgarian in Turin, which for their part have not been able to extensively take advantage of our continuing Blackaut. The first two are partial in the embarrassing score 9 to 2 and 20 to 12 at rest. In the third quarter timid awakening from the Don Bosco, but the draw at 10 minutes from the end we can see below 12 35 to 23. Very bad game, which comes alive in the fourth quarter. The awakening of the warrior-only, believe it stimulates streams and the large margin of Turin is thinning dramatically, the minus 4 for the Barracuda Zabaldano input may assign the -2, but wrong, Davide Sassi promptly took the rebound but the goal Turin vomits the ball that was about to enter, hitting fast action of Turin by 6.75 m. and the sign + 7. Frantic final stages, however, where a wrong amount of free industry, 17 out of 43 at the end. By now the match is lost and at least try to keep posting under 7 points, it apparently can not do it wrong because the last action, the Barracuda cattutra the defensive rebounds and missing two seconds at the end gives the naively the ball on the edge of our Zanalda who signed the siren -5, which at this point can be crucial. The two teams are paired in the standings and tied for second most in our favor in the direct matches can be decisive, at least we hope. It remains the regret of throwing away a match because of an unwatchable first quarter and a terrific medium for free.

Barracuda .- To Rivoli DB: 51 to 46 (9 to 2 / 20 to 12/35 to 23)

Barracuda Turin Rivoli NP

DB: Sassi A. 4, 5 Neira, Sola 10, Zabaldano 6, 8 Vergano, Baros 4, Sassi D. 2, typically 4, Woods 2. Herds Blessed John


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