Saturday, February 5, 2011

How Do You Alleviate The Pain From Panceatis

you eat your hands in the last quarter ...

Second day of return and the second effort with a team grugliaschese. This time we meet the most favored Basketball Grugliasco, launched despite defeat last week, toward the playoffs.

The game starts off badly for the rivoliesi that rely on Vergano Neira and to contain the secondment - 4 of the first part (9 to 13). Second quarter, ready reaction Rivoli who finds the best Sola. In this village our defense can also stifle the dreaded Abba.

At half we are ahead of a (28 to 27) but we will not have any illusions, giochiamocela. Third quarter: Rivoli grugliaschesi to respond tit for tat, you travel with minimal and one hand is the other. In the mid-fourth of the decisive move Grugliasco: courageously grugliaschese coach takes the spotlight from Abba and the keys to the game of the two extremes Rizzo Young (17 years!) Taurino and the elderly (42 years, chapeau). They will, together with Poggio to unravel the tangle for Grugliasco.

when 10 minutes after the game is to be played (41 to 42) is at this juncture that comes up the freshness of the young man already mentioned, and the expert player Grugliasco. The Rivoli

gave their all and the knockout blow is mortal. A break of 12 to 1 for the orange gives the game the boys to Parsons, that the unexpected defeat of aproffittando Rosta and settled in third place in the group. Rivoli good for three quarters, the last showing some cracks more mental than physical, although it must be said that Vergano Neira and were suffering from some after-effects of the training.

However, the result is flawless, even if 15 points of difference are a bit too much. But this is sport. In round victory over the Rainbow team Chieri Rosta close to us, so it will be important to try to win the next matches.

remember that for a strange quirk of the calendar meet the playoff contenders in the house and outside candidates for salvation, then there is to suffer.

Best quintet: Neira, D. Sassi, Vergano, Sola and the former Beltramo.
our Best of the usual Neira.

Best arbitrage of the lords and Naftali Maiaris they did play and did not influence the final result. Only tense moment for them, an argument that elapsed between our Neira and grugliaschese Consoli immediately extinguished quickly by the two referees and a Solomonic right, I might add, to both technical foul.

Finally deservedly won the best team and complete. As an executive do their best wishes for the prosiego the tournament, hoping to see them next year in series D. But I do not know if this is a welcome greeting (see costs).

DB Rivoli - Pall. Grugliasco: 51 to 66 (9 to 13 / 28 to 27/41 to 42)

DB Rivoli: Sassi A. 3, 9 Neira, Single 8, Baros 5, Sassi D. 9, 8 Vergano, typically 1, Rigardo, Fasolo, Beltramo 9. Appendix Bl

Pall. Grugliasco: Consoli, Fenocchio 2, Distasi, Rizzo 8, 7 Guadagni, Lisa 10, 12 Poggio, Sciacca 2, Abba 11, taurine 14. Herds Sorrenti

Referees Naftali of Turin and Maiaris Grugliasco.

John Fuligno


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