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of Victoria, but it goes through San Mauro! A great

Here is the note of the two matches last week dall'U14.

The first saw us working in the field of Basketball Victoria. After the heavy defeat in the first leg, with mitigating the numerous absences among our ranks, unfortunately we have suffered another setback that could be decisive for the race in the top two earnings for the quarter-final knockout .

After a first quarter that we have fought to win a point in the second half there was a part of 26 to 8, which has a mortgage on final result.

Already in the first quarter had our difficulties, however, known to contain the actions in the transition from the "parrot", because most of the baskets suffered, occurred in situations of numerical superiority of Victoria as a result of remittances that have effective often surprised in our pressing. Maybe we should wait for our opponents in the midfield, particularly given the chronic allergy to our race. In the third quarter the Victoria still stretches the gap, content from our last quarter. Another regret is not taking advantage of our physical superiority against their opponents.
A pity that we lost these two races with a team that, even reinforced in some elements from Borgaro, we had been largely defeated in two meetings last season.

Thursday instead we met at the Libertas PalaDonBosco San Mauro and we repeated his great success of the first leg with considerable effort and heartache.
If the leg was our best performance this year with the race won against Reba, this was not a pretty game, not only because of the guys on the field, but also for conducting arbitration very permissive that made the game almost a competition of rugby as a partial excuse the arbitrator must also point out that this was not the second whistle.
In the first quarter we saw a mandatory 24 to 10 who seemed to have ended every speech, but a 3 to 16 in the second quarter immediately puts the game in almost equal. What seemed destined to be a high scoring game, it becomes a festival of errors from both sides, and fortunately the slight advantage gained is enough to bring home the victory. It 's amazing to see how in 10 minutes and have scored 24 points in the remaining 30 only 20!

In any case, thanks to the defeat of the former leaders of CHIERI REBA tough field, we still have a chance to bet at least in second place, unless incurring additional losses. Currently driving

TORINO TEEN BASKETBALL, with two defeats, followed by Reba and Victoria with three defeats and four with us. By VICTORIA

we've played two games and we are under the direct comparisons, so we hope for their missteps (still have to play with TEEN, REBA, and CHIERI well as other races on the card easier), we have to play with the next TEEN league game April 10 in the first leg and we suffered a defeat of 33 points. Will be difficult, as well as winning the race, reversing the outcome of direct conflict, with REBA will play the last league game.

Victoria Basketball - Don Bosco Rivoli 79-53
(sub: 19 - 20, 26-8, 22-13, 12 - 12) Victoria
Basketball: Iron 14, on Sunday 8, Crotto 2, Ferrero 8, Palma Giovine 12, Chianale, Mascarello 11, 7 Lamas, Rao 1, Alessandro 14, Racamello 2. Kasos
Don Bosco Rivoli: Fusero, Alberti 5, May 19, Marro 4, Lanata, Shell 2, 3 Bommaci, Lauria 2, Lucchiari 6, Brown 6, Savage 6. D'Affuso
Don Bosco Rivoli - Mauro Lib.San 44 to 37
(partial: 24 - 10, 3 to 16; 10-7 7 - 4) Don Bosco
Rivoli: Moschella 6, Albert 2, Maggi 27, Marro 2, Lanata 1, Shell, Bommaci, Lauria, Lucchiari 2, Brown 4, Selvaggi. D'Affuso
Lib.San Mauro Piazza, Brollo 4, Turn 6, De Silviera 2, Baral 2, Right, Pantuso 7, Ciardo 4, 6 Guarano, Bussi, Gigliola 2, Bellino 4. Zimbardi
Angelo Scocca


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